Launch of CRM – Sales & Support Gets a Technological Boost at Logicose

Launch of CRM – Sales & Support Gets a Technological Boost at Logicose

Founded in 2009, Logicose has experienced a dynamic 700% growth since its inception. A lot of it owes to the company’s tradition of hiring the most qualified resources which promise unmatched quality, and its uncompromised commitment to empower its resources with the most avant-garde technology. Keeping up to the tradition, Logicose has recently launched a complete and comprehensive Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) for its Sales and Support staff.

The new system is developed and created by Logicose’s in-house development team. The system takes into account all the specific needs and requirements as well as the problems faced with the previous system. Further describing the new system, the lead developer of CRM said, “We needed a system that could keep up with the rapid growth rate of our organization. Instead of purchasing off-the-peg software, we created a custom-tailored solution which perfectly fits our needs, requirements and work processes at Logicose.”

success-conceptThe CRM completely automates the Sales and Support functions and processes in Logicose and works along the Project Management System. The launch of CRM increased the efficiency of sales and support functions up to 80%.

CRM allows the team to manage projects in a more efficient manner while keeping a watchful eye at all new correspondence and feedbacks from numerous clients at a time. It will greatly reduce the chances of human error and technical failures, specifically during peak hours. With promptly handled requests and queries, a major advantage of CRM is a significant improvement in the value and satisfaction offered to the clients of Logicose.