Logicose Does It Again – Employees Enjoy a Memorable Afternoon at the DHA Golf Club

Logicose Does It Again – Employees Enjoy a Memorable Afternoon at the DHA Golf Club

Logicose gives its employees another reason to love their jobs!

Life at Logicose is filled with exhilaration, thrill and enjoyment in the truest sense of the word. Keeping its tradition alive of striking a balance between work and entertainment, the team at Logicose recently spent a fun-filled afternoon at the scenic DHA golf club. The beautiful location – complete with breathtaking greenery and a view of the sea lifted the spirits of the entire staff in no time!

The event was an instant success, with the delicious lunch and exciting activities scoring full marks from everybody on board. All the employees had tons of fun exploring the club and taking pictures while enjoying to the max with their buddies! Many new employees who had recently joined the company were particularly excited about the outing, having heard about and seen pictures of previous events. The office saw weeks of anticipation and eagerness from the staff before the final event took place in a bright afternoon in October.

Employee satisfaction is the true essence of the rapid growth of the company in the past few years. The company’s senior manager particularly praised the initiative of arranging regular events. He was of the opinion that in a career path that is already exciting and requires the right balance of talent and creativity; such refreshing events bring out the best in an employee. He said that, “Quarterly events are a regular custom at Logicose, and the company takes pride in its policy of having work and leisure go hand in hand. Logicose strongly believes that social interaction and fun-filled activities are a great way of promoting positivity in the already stress-free and relaxing work environment.”

Logicose pays strong emphasis on maintaining a stress-free environment for all its employees, and such events held on a regular basis hit the perfect note with everybody on board. With many other exciting plans and events down the pipeline, Logicose surely makes every day at work worth enjoying!