Logicose Establishes COVID-19 Relief Fund to Aid Underprivileged Communities in Karachi

Logicose Establishes COVID-19 Relief Fund to Aid Underprivileged Communities in Karachi

With a PKR 1 million fund created, Logicose pledges to contribute even more in coming months to minimize the impact of pandemic on neglected communities.

Karachi; April 15, 2020: With the outbreak of the COVID-19 in Pakistan, citizens are gripped by fear as they struggle to grapple with the changing reality of things around them. The unprecedented onset of this infectious disease calls upon the responsible citizens of Karachi to make collective efforts that will curb the spread of this virus. With cases increasing day by day, social distancing has become a necessity and staying indoors has become a way to keep ourselves and loved ones safe.

These testing times have been hard for all of us, but more so for those who don’t have access to resources such as basic health care, food, and electricity.

At Logicose, we realize that this outbreak is hitting the underprivileged harder than any other sector of our society. It is time for us to come together and support the very people who are most vulnerable. We strive to become a responsible organization that doesn’t shy away from extending a helping hand to those who need it most.

Logicose has allocated a fund of PKR. 1 Million to support communities during the current pandemic.

Our departments were free to choose an NGO they wished to donate their contributions to. The sum of the donation was determined by the number of people in each department, who unanimously voted to further a cause they were most passionate about.

As of today, we have donated to the following charitable organizations in our efforts to relieve the problems that this pandemic has brought upon the underprivileged individuals and families of this nation:

  • Technical Training Resource Center (TTRC)
  • Social Welfare and Trust (SWAT)

We have also donated a significant portion of this contribution to the Prime Minister’s COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Logicose has always been a believer in giving back to the community. In the past, we’ve remained steadfast in promoting and supporting education for the underprivileged, working with The Citizens Foundation and Manzil Educational Organization. In light of the recent crisis, we’ve broadened our focus to give back to COVID-19 affected communities.

These contributions are just a small way of fulfilling our role. We are committed to contribute even more to this fund in the coming months as we battle against these uncertain times by looking out for those who need it the most.

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