Logicose Hits Yet Another Goal – New Game Room Opened for All Logicians to enjoy

Logicose Hits Yet Another Goal – New Game Room Opened for All Logicians to enjoy

Living up to its motto of ‘Work Hard, Play Harder’, Logicose has recently opened a new opportunity for employees to enjoy each and every day at work. The newly opened game room has added a new ‘energy filled’ punch to the already stress-free work environment at Logicose. Equipped with a large size Carom board and Foosball table, the new game room perfectly complements the spirit and energy of our young and competitive employees.

Office game rooms are proven to have a direct and positive effect on office morality and productivity. As they promote better social interaction and healthy competition, they also improve employee performance and team work. Logicose is certainly not the first organization to encourage its employees to play games at the office. Huge corporate organizations and IT companies treat their employees with similar facilities. “At Logicose, our employees are our most precious and valuable resources. They are the best in what they do and they deserve the best in return. The game room is only one of the ways we value and appreciate employees,” said the HR manager of Logicose.

Logicose values its employees as gifted and talented creative individuals, who love their work. With a new game room, they love their workplace even more. All the employees are extremely excited about the game room. What is more exciting is the news of more activities and games coming soon. The HR manager also shed some light on plans to further expand the game room and said, “We are planning to add air hockey and arcade gaming machines as well. Yet, I won’t say we would stop right there.”

The company has been offering its employees numerous fun-filled and mind relaxing opportunities since its inception. People at Logicose have always enjoyed the ‘Book Club’, a place where every employee can share their literary treasure. Quarterly outings and events are also a tradition at Logicose. Now, with an easily accessible game room, employees at Logicose have found an instant way to divert their mind away from that temporary tediousness.