Logicose Visits Jinnah University For Women

Logicose Visits Jinnah University For Women

The hospitality with which the faculty, administration, and the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Naeem Farooqui, greeted our team was a much needed breath of fresh air during a scorching hot day. Teaching young adults requires conviction, and it is obvious those responsible at Jinnah University aim to refine students to the best level possible.

What is more is the extent of renovation and state-of-the-art facilities now at the University were indeed awe inspiring to say the least.

An hour of interacting with the faculty and students of Jinnah University for Women reassured our initial opinion. We were pleased with the caliber of students the University is preparing.

The session was somewhat different from what we are used to. After seeing the energy and respect the students granted us, we felt compelled to talk more about career counseling, and the importance of career planning, personal interest and family pressure.

As a socially responsible and growth oriented organization, we take great pride in recognizing and providing talented individuals a platform through which they can flourish.

Students also learned more about new and exciting career opportunities at Logicose. Even two days later, as we write this, the kind of response we continue to get from the University’s students is overwhelming. The students of Jinnah University for Women are just beaming with confidence and eager to leave their mark in the professional world.

Thank you all for your heart-warming welcome and response. We truly look forward to visiting again and playing our roles as responsible citizens by contributing to your training and more.