Logicose Participates in the 2016 SZABIST Career Fair

January 19th 2016, Karachi, Pakistan- SZABIST recently held its annual career fair at its 100 Campus in Karachi, giving its students an opportunity to explore prevalent job opportunities across an array of industries in the private sector. More than 20 different organizations from different industries were invited to the event, all under the same roof, by the management of the university. The event gave prospective graduates a platform to meet their potential employers and learn what it would be like to become part of their company. Continue reading “Logicose Participates in the 2016 SZABIST Career Fair”

A Day of Fun, Food and Frolicking By The Seaside For Everyone At Logicose

Logicose, a leading IT solutions provider in Karachi, recently invited the entire staff to a fun-filled, relaxing getaway at Turtle Beach, Keemari. Nearly 100 Logicose employees were a part of the day long festivities that took place at a beach hut booked specially for the occasion.

Events like this one are a bi-annual affair at Logicose. In the past, the team has enjoyed at venues such as Arena, DHA Golf Club, Dream World Family Resorts and Arabian Sea Country Club. Continue reading “A Day of Fun, Food and Frolicking By The Seaside For Everyone At Logicose”

How I Met the Writer in Me

A lot of people ask me why I took up a career based on writing and marketing when I majored in something far too different. With an engineering degree and technical background, I had to endure raised eyebrows and skeptical looks wherever I went.

Maybe I couldn’t find a job in the industry. Maybe I wasn’t able to compete with my fellow classmates. Maybe I wasted my degree and stole the opportunity from somebody more deserving. Maybe. Continue reading “How I Met the Writer in Me”

How You Can Add a Persuasive Edge to Your Writing

Why You Should Be Persuasive

To be persuasive means your writing has the ability to make someone do or believe something through strong reasoning or temptation. Your readers are in search of facts, tips, and solutions to their problems and at the same time, they expect your writing to engage, entertain, inform and motivate them. Essentially, you want all your readers to say “Okay, you’ve convinced me, and this is what I have to do next.” Continue reading “How You Can Add a Persuasive Edge to Your Writing”

How Blogging Can Help You Become a Better Communicator

Wonder how blogging and mastering writing skills can help you become a better communicator? Your writing is more powerful than what you think and here’s why you should focus on picking up your pen now.

Writing Is the Best Way to Evolve Your Ideas.

One of the toughest things for a writer is to think differently, collect those ideas and then look for connections to speed up the writing process. The habit of blogging on a specific topic over time gives you the Continue reading “How Blogging Can Help You Become a Better Communicator”