(Salary Range Rs. 50K – 60K)


Identifying, training, and empowering tomorrow’s leaders, today – that’s what Logicose’s Fast Track Leadership Program (FTLP) aims to do. Logicose is a dynamic and growth-oriented organization that gives young professionals a platform where they can learn, grow, and lead. If you’re ambitious and competitive, this program is perfect for you.

What Can You Expect

Candidates that are hired through our FTLP will be initially placed in the departments that they will eventually lead. Soft and technical skills will be transferred at an accelerated pace through training, mentorship, and exposure to projects. After learning the ropes, the incumbent will be promoted to a leadership role where they will be given the opportunity to lead projects, people, and teams.

The two departments that we’re looking to hire for are:

Content Marketing

Logicose has the largest in-house content production capability in Asia and aspires to dominate the space on a global level. Our content team creates high quality written, graphic, and video content for businesses from all over the world. Till date, we have successfully completed over 50,000 projects for our clients. Candidates hired through FTLP will start with content writing and work their way up to the editing department before being promoted to a leadership role.

Search Engine Optimization

Both Forbes Magazine and LinkedIn rate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a highly in-demand technical skill. The SEO services we offer our clients are light years ahead of our competition. Businesses of all sizes rely on our ability to increase their brand exposure online. Future leaders that we hire through FTLP will initially start as SEO Executives and then rotate into a leadership role where they will learn skills necessary to move up to the next level.

Training & Development

The forms of training that you will receive during the program, includes, but is not limited to:

  • On-the-job Training: By tackling some of our most demanding projects, you’ll learn how to cope with clients, our processes, and gain a deep understanding for our departments.
  • Mentorship: You will receive one-on-one training from different leaders that will coach you and guide you through the program and beyond.
  • Formal Training: Classroom setting trainings will teach you different technical and soft skills which will help prepare you to handle a leadership role.
  • Project Based Exposure: In time, you will be given the opportunity to spearhead new projects that will help you and the organization grow.

What We Expect

Logicose is a growth-oriented organization that is bent on aggressively pursuing greater and bigger targets every quarter. As such, we expect our aspiring leaders to:

  • Be motivated to grow quickly
  • Work harder and smarter than the competition
  • Take ownership of their work
  • Exhibit a high level of professionalism

This is a rigorous, accelerated program. Successful candidates will have to dedicate 10-12 hours during work days to grow at the rate we expect from our aspiring leaders.

Ideal candidates would have:

  • Graduated less than two years ago
  • Have less than one year of professional experience
  • Maintained a CGPA of 3.25 or above

No prior technical skills are necessary for this role. We will provide all necessary training.

Benefits and Compensation

Starting salary for the role is Rs. 50,000 - 60,000 per month. We offer biannual, performance based increments. Benefits that you will be eligible for include:

  • Paid Leaves
  • Provident Fund
  • EOBI
  • Health Insurance

The average annual growth rate for top performers from January 2016 to January of 2017 was 67.54%.