At Logicose, we take immense pride in our stellar track record. Over the years, we have been able to attain benchmark level quality and even transform the way online marketing is conducted. Our solutions have been adopted by thousands clients from across the globe. Hover over different continents from the globe to learn more about the success we have had around the world.

Logicose Global Reach

The US is hands-down the most competitive market we offer services in. Our rolodex of clients from the US includes Fortune 500 companies. The success we’ve had in the continent is a testament to the quality of work and service we deliver.

  • We’ve completed over 19,000 projects for client’s from the US.
  • 92% of our clients from the States have rehired us after availing the services we offer.
  • Over 10,000 web projects successfully completed from North America.

We aim for and deliver our best, irrespective of who the client is, every time. English isn’t widely spoken in South America. However, businesses from the region that do understand the value of global reach hire Logicose for the services we offer.

  • 95% of clients from South America gave us great feedback after completion of their order.
  • We’ve had 150% of increase in business from the continent since 2009.

The melting pot of the world – Europe is a challenging market to say the least. Logicose has had immense success in the European market despite the demanding nature of businesses in the continent. From startups to the most recognized businesses in the world, Logicose has catered to clients of all sizes from Europe.

  • Over 8,000 of projects completed from just the United Kingdom.
  • 23,000+ pages created and delivered to clients from Europe.
  • 89% of our clients from Europe have hired us for more than one project.

A market that’s on the rise, Africa is in retrospect a continent where online marketing hasn’t gained as much traction as it has everywhere else. But, Logicose has still been able to establish its presence in the continent despite the challenges.

  • 5,500+ pages completed for clients from Africa.
  • 90% of clients from Africa recommend our services.

Home to Logicose, Asia is a continent where we’ve been able to consistently grow in. With each passing year, the competition in the market increases. However, Logicose has been able to stay ahead of the competition and increase its business.

  • 150% of increase in business since 2009.
  • 2,100 of positive feedback received from clients from Asia.
  • 2,300 of projects completed from the continent.

One of the most established markets, Australia is a highly competitive market. Businesses from the continent, although not as many as the US, have higher expectations than their North American counterparts. Logicose has delivered great results to clients from the continent.

  • 6,000 of projects from Australia completed.
  • Over 95% Australian based web projects successfully completed.
  • 88% of our clients from Australia have rehired us after we completed the first order they hired us for.