Attain Sustainability For Your Future

Maintaining an environment that encourages healthy work-life balance is a priority at Logicose. Therefore, offering a competitive comprehensive compensation package is very important to us. We provide meaningful benefits that meet the diverse needs of our employee base. The benefits available to permanent employees at Logicose are carefully designed to promote a healthy work life balance, while helping them plan their lives more productively and even save for retirement.

Listed below are some of our benefits:

Financial Security

We encourage everyone at Logicose to become better prepared for their financial future. We offer Provident Fund in addition to above-market pay. Health insurance is also provided to employees along with Employees Old-Age Benefits (EOBI) plans for comprehensive retirement benefits.

Appraisals and Awards

We maintain a fair and transparent appraisal system that clearly demonstrates the performance and involvement of all our employees. Held twice a year, growth that occurs during appraisals is determined solely by capability, commitment, and hard work. It is void of bias. Logicose attaches great value to respecting the nature, ambitions, skills, and competence of all its employees. To this end, we maintain well thought-out and monitored recognition programs that celebrate excellence.

Health & Well-Being

Quality healthcare provides peace of mind for everyone. We offer our people a health care insurance plan that also covers their spouses. We play an important part in helping you and your significant other improve or maintain your health.

Time Away From Work

We offer a comprehensive leave policy that includes separate casual, annual, sick, maternity, and Hajj leaves which makes it possible for Logicians to get paid days off for planned and unexpected events that transpire in their lives. We also provide our employees flexibility in their schedules. Flexible scheduling allows better work life balance.