The Dream Team’s Day Out at Dreamworld

The Dream Team’s Day Out at Dreamworld

On what seemed to be a hot summer day, team Logicose set out from the comforts of our office to embark on our bi-annual event. The venue of choice (by popular demand) was Dreamworld Family Resort, and the agenda on everyone’s mind was fun. As Logicose tradition dictates, the shindig-ing began as soon as we left Anum Empire during the hour long trip to Dreamworld.

1Logicians got a chance to let their hair down and enjoy from a plethora of activities. Water slides and the wave pool were an obvious hit, but other activities that the team enjoyed included horseback riding, arcade games, paddle boating, indoor games, archery, mini golf, and some even bounced around on trampolines!

3After being out and about for over two hours, the team reconvened together at Café Aroma for lunch and to get away from the heat. After cooling off a bit and with bellies bursting with biryani, Logicians headed back to wander previously unchartered territory.

Round two was equally exhilarating. But what made it even more memorable was the random rain.

There were those that enjoyed lounging in the sun, one even orchestrated an itinerary that laid out the ultimate activity fest, others were content winging it. All round though, there was one thing or another to get excited about.

They say it’s not about where you go, but who you go with. The venue, food, and activities were great, but what truly made it a day to reminisce was the participation of the diverse, motivated, and talented individuals that make Logicose the company that it is.