Career Development at Logicose

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It's The Drive, Not The Destination!

Logicose does not believe in stagnancy. As an organization, we consistently push ourselves to continue to improve and grow. Our people are cut from the same cloth.

Career development is synonymous with professional growth. From improvement in expertise and skill set, to increase of salary package and job responsibilities. Logicose offers all its employees a platform to grow up to their potential.


Our managers and unit heads don’t leave any stones unturned when it comes to performance evaluation. The current performance and growth trajectory of every employee is projected and discussed with them in order to ensure that every Logician is prepared to perform as they advance in the organization.

Logicose is an advocate of promoting from within. In fact, almost a 100% of our leadership roles are filled by our top performing employees.


The cornerstone of Logicose’s success is our ability to recognize and award performance. All major departments at Logicose have transparent performance evaluation systems that can be accessed and tracked by everyone in the department. This makes it easy for an individual to know how well their doing and what tier their current performance falls in.

Things like staying extra hours at the office or flattery should not and do not matter when it comes to evaluation of performance. What matters is contribution to the bottom line.


It’s not unprecedented for our employees to increase their salary package and expertise by a 100, 200, or even 300% in less than a handful of years because of their hard work. There are after all two performance based appraisals that are conducted each year.

What’s more is the fact that Logicose is continuously growing as an organization. So there are plenty of opportunities to lead a team and even to learn new skills.