Our Culture Is Our Biggest Asset

At Logicose, we combine professionalism with a social system that promotes and awards exceptional performance. When you work at Logicose, you enter the office everyday knowing that you will be a part of an organization that puts its people first. You get to work with like-minded professionals who excel at their respective jobs, enjoy the work assigned to them and offer support, guidance, and exceptional synergism.

Professional Environment

In every team at Logicose, every employee has a voice that is valued and contributes to the organizations success. But perhaps the best thing about Logicose is that over 80% of the job roles at the organization are quantifiable. This results in transparent and free-of-bias performance evaluation that’s void of surprises.

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Engaged & Empowered Workforce

The management team sets goals, appropriates resources, delegates authority, and gives employees all the trust and resources they need to do their jobs better and faster. The result is a highly developed, motivated, and devoted team that’s committed to providing the absolute best in IT solutions and services.

Diversity, Equality, & Inclusion

Everyone at Logicose gets to participate in building a great future for themselves and for the company along with opportunities to fulfill their potential. We believe in bringing together distinct talents, qualifications, and viewpoints of people from different backgrounds to help us build the best teams possible. We recognize talent in all shapes and forms. There is immense strength in diversity at Logicose.

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Ambition & Accountability

Our performance oriented culture based on the core values of ambition, trust, and accountability is complemented by diligent teamwork. Naturally, this leads to recognition and promotion of both high performance and ethical standards at all levels.

Events, Outings, & Rewards

All work, no play? No way! Twice a year, Logicians venture out on a fun-filled outing. These bi-annual events are truly memorable because the entire Logicose workforce gets to know their coworkers a little bit better and enjoys as one big family. Additionally, almost all departments at Logicose set performance based rewards for top performers on a monthly basis. In the past, these rewards have ranged from 10,000 RS in cash to movie tickets and lunch at the finest restaurants in Karachi.

Our People

Logicose's lifestyle is one that promotes excellence and comfort in all spheres of life.