Skilled Specialists Delivering Successful Solutions

On their own, our teams are the best in each of their domains. Collectively, their synergy creates excellence that pushes the company towards its ambitious objectives. These are the dedicated teams that drive Logicose.

Online Marketing

Featuring marketing specialists, content developers, and researchers, this team is responsible for generating an impressive amount of quality content that fuels the online marketing services offered to our clients. Competent and diligent, our online marketing team helps implement first-rate content marketing strategies for clients globally.

Web Copywriting

Our web copywriting team is comprised of creative and meticulous copywriters. They combine the power of creative writing with the power of the web, enhancing the brand and business image of our international clients. The web copywriting team ensures that our clients are represented meticulously via their website copy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO team is a potent engine that powers online business marketing across the globe. The team comprises of SEO experts who use proven methodologies and their own innovative strategies, ensuring better SERP rankings for our loyal clientele. The SEO team helps clients dominate their respective fields by enhancing their visibility in search engines organic placement.

Web Designing

This team of experienced designers and developers is responsible for creating sites optimized for search engines and conversions. Team members are well versed in the the latest design technologies which they utilize for various design and web development projects. They are great at creating new websites from scratch or updating existing ones for better responsiveness and mobile-friendliness.

Software Development

Staffed with some of the most talented software developers, IT specialists, and network administrators, this team builds incredibly stable products and platforms for the web. Logicose enjoys amazingly streamlined workflows and processes thanks to the work of our software development team. They not only develop efficient systems but also maintain a technologically sound environment that is conducive for the first-rate services we offer.

Sales & Support

Experts at building and maintaining support structures; this team comprises of experienced sales representatives who interface with our international clients. They are responsible for initiating the sales cycle, ensuring an excellent client-vendor relationship and providing them with tailor-made support throughout the project lifecycle and beyond. The sales & support team brings good business, which takes us closer to our objectives.