Logicose is more than just a list of facts and figures. It’s a fast-growing company, a business environment that’s full of life with talent, technology, and success. Nonetheless our quick facts are a great way to get an overview of the organization.

Founded in 2009.

Located in Karachi, Pakistan.

Enjoyed a 700% growth rate since inception.

Fulfilling Jobs That Deliver Results Globally

We work hard and we do it very efficiently to ensure that our clients get exactly the type of results we have become known for. We are responsible for laying a great foundation for an amazing digital marketing landscape for our clients.

Global footprint with services touching 117 countries.

Served over 14,000 clients.

Completed over 40,000 projects.

Our People Inspire Our Success

Our team of IT and digital marketing professionals help our clients succeed through all online channels. We recruit and breed the leading talent in the industry to deliver the amazing results our clients expect of us.

More than 100 employees and counting.

The average age of employees at Logicose is 25 years.

Gender breakdown: 56% men, 44% women.

Proven Excellence in Brand Building

Clients based primarily in the US, UK, Middle East, and Australia solicit us for creating and improving their online brand image. Through our web copywriting, design input, and other related services we build and boost brands online, helping them stand out from the crowd with an impressive brand identity.

Created corporate brand identity value propositions for more than 6,000 clients.

30 thousand unique web pages created.

Experts at Enhancing Enterprise Exposure

Online exposure now supersedes publicity of all other sorts. Our clients rely on us for search engine optimization and online marketing solutions to help them dominate their target markets mainly across North American and European domains.

100 thousand man-hours spent optimizing websites.

Optimized 4.7 thousand web pages.

More than 14 thousand satisfied clients enjoying better exposure online.

Created more than 50 thousand press releases, brochures, and other promotional material.

Strengthening Startups with IT Expertise

We create a robust presence in the inherently volatile business environment for our clients. Through this function, we play a significant role in the precious first years of new ventures. Our work helps entrepreneurs and new businesses compete with established and bigger competitors.

Assisted the launch of more than 2,700 new businesses through our services.

Provided lead generation solutions to more than 8,400 clients.

Dedication Towards Improvement

From designing training programs to streamlining work processes, everything we do ensures a better work environment and greater chances for growth for everyone at Logicose.

60 training and orientation sessions conducted.

More than a 100 events including bi-annual company-wide outings and monthly top performer outings held to date.