Learn And Develop Professional Skills Through Training

We help our team members attain the skills needed to enhance their performance. At Logicose, we’re firm belivers of continuous improvement. Our goal has always been to deliver the best that we can on each project we take on. This helps ensure better results, quality, and services on our new projects.

The successful track record we have had wouldn’t have been possible without our well-rounded focus on the training and development of our employees.

Training at Logicose works on four fronts:

On-The-Job Training Sessions

This involves a whole mix of training materials and structured exercises to help acclimatize team members with the best practices, processes, and procedures we follow at Logicose. These not only help build competence, but also enhance employee morale and motivation, giving our team members all the tools they need to perform their jobs more effectively. On-the-job training at Logicose includes coaching, presentations, demonstrations as well as hands-on practice.

New Employee Orientation

We like to hit the ground running, that’s why the process of onboarding new employees is a critical part of the training mix at Logicose. New employee orientation provides an in-depth introduction to the systems and processes inherent in the workplace. This is where new hires get useful information about the work environment, their job description, benefits, eligibility, company culture, and everything else to this new start in their lives. New employees can expect a warm welcome at Logicose!


Mentoring and Coaching

In order to improve our employees’ performance, we focus on their individual needs for advice and instruction. The managers, team leads, and even clients serve as coaches and mentors providing regular feedback, response, and training sessions. That’s 3 levels of unique, supportive, and constructive feedback that ensure a positive learning experience for everyone at Logicose. They work with the employees to answer their questions, suggest more effective strategies, correct their errors, and guide them towards their goals while giving them the support and encouragement necessary.

Performance Targets

With more than 80% of our jobs being quantifiable, goal setting is an intrinsic part of working at Logicose. We work together with our team members to set performance standards to motivate them, ensuring that they use their time efficiently by setting practicable objectives. These performance targets allow for accurate measurement of outcomes and timely evaluation of operations. As a progressive organization, we make sure that these performance targets contribute positively to our employees’ sense of direction and purpose. We design goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-targeted (SMART).