Learn New Skills, Gain Experience, And Benefit From Your Passion for Growth

The one distinctive factor that sets Logicose apart as an employer is opportunity.

The opportunity to learn, improve your skill set, grow as a professional, and become a part of one of the most dynamic organizations in the IT service industry.

As a growth-oriented organization, Logicose encourages and fosters a culture that promotes excellence in performance.

Culture of Growth

Logicose’s values and culture awards those that perform. Subsequently in order to thrive at Logicose, you need to apply yourself and consistently aim to improve. This can-do attitude prevails across all departments from top to bottom.

Learning Never Stops

Employment at Logicose starts with new hire orientation and training. But, most of the learning and training occurs on the job. Feedback is continuously provided to all because Logicose aims to maintain its position as a solutions provider that offers the best that the industry has to offer.

Performance is Rewarded

Every major department has its own quantifiable and qualitative key performance indicators through which impact on bottom line is evaluated for different roles. These targets are provided to employees once they join. They’re reassessed every month and at the end of every appraisal period.

At Logicose, we believe in recognizing and awarding performance. At the start of every month, department managers send out appreciation e-mails and set monthly performance rewards. These may range from RS. 10,000 cash awards to movie and lunch for top 10 performers.

A Company That Cares

Logicose offers above market pay and there are two performance based salary appraisals each year for one simple reason – it’s because Logicose values its workforce. The intent and core purpose of the work environment, feedback system, benefits, policies, and almost everything else about Logicose is to help Logicians thrive.

As an organization, we’re committed towards the growth of our people, the success of our clients, and the quality of our systems. Our motto, “unlock your true potential” reflects our ideology. We’re willing to train you and give you the platform to win, but are you ready to unlock your true potential?