Women At Logicose

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Fostering Diversity & Advancing Inclusion

Women are well-represented at all levels and positions across Logicose. When it comes to leading through example, professionalism, and ability, we are proud of the performance and capabilities demonstrated by our female workforce.

We want every person who joins our team to feel welcome. We believe in equality for everyone, regardless of race, age, or gender. This applies throughout our company, and to our clients from around the world with no exceptions.

Day in and day out – talented, dedicated, and well-educated young women confidently come to work at Logicose. They enjoy the comfort of our homely environment and find it easy to focus on work, interact and socialize with co-workers, and advance their careers with zero inhibitions.

Who a company hires, affects its people. Skills and talent aren't the only criteria for a job at Logicose; our hiring process emphasizes qualities such as etiquette, decency, and respect for others. So it's not surprising that Logicose is a great place for everyone, especially women.

The work itself involves safe indoor assignments where you work comfortably at your workstation. Most of the leaders at Logicose are women. They help maintain a comfortable work environment that truly provides equal employment and growth opportunities. Our management proactively examines the work environment, and continuously evaluates ways to make it more comfortable. This enables us to easily maintain our well-balanced male to female ratio.

So, whether it's setting up a separate prayer area or facilitating special requests, we consistently reiterate our commitment to be one of the most female-friendly companies around.