Fun, Frolic, and Festivity: Our Day at Turtle Beach

Fun, Frolic, and Festivity: Our Day at Turtle Beach

It all began when we saw a notice on the Logicose Portal. It was a survey asking us to choose a place to visit for the bi-annual event. As a newer member of the Logicose team, I thought this was unusually cool. An outdoor event, two times a year, was more than anyone could hope for. The excitement was palpable. On the day before the event, everywhere I went, I overheard people making plans for the much-awaited trip to the beach.

And then the day approached.

23rd April 2016 – Everything was unusual about that day. From arriving to the office with a backpack to finding everyone away from their workstations, huddled around in groups, chatting animatedly. It was almost surreal to think we didn’t have to time-in or start on the day’s work.


The journey to the beach was pleasant enough. But all of us, in our excitement, couldn’t wait to reach our destination. There were no turtles at Turtle Beach but there was surely a beach. And it was glorious! Clear blue waters, as far as the eye could see, greeted our sights. Warm sands welcomed our footsteps whereas the mighty waves were inviting and threatening at the same time. We wanted to run to the shore straight away but we had to change. Drat! Note to self: Arrive in your swimming clothes next time.


As we were changing, there was an announcement. Breakfast and tea were ready. The beach house’s gallery offered a gorgeous view of the sea. That was the place to have breakfast, we agreed. And, while we were gorging on breakfast, a steady trickle of people were leaving the house and scattering on the beach. Within minutes, the trickle became a flow and the crowd thickened.

We saw people taking selfies here, playing volleyball there, swimming here, and dancing to the music there. Giving away to the temptation, we downed the remaining breakfast, ran downstairs, and jumped into the water. Bliss! The water was unusually cold even on a warm day. And soon enough, we found ourselves rocking with the waves, rising up with the tide or gasping for air from down under, swallowing sea water in the process. It might have been a bit rough but it was fun. And the fun was just beginning.


The music blared gleefully from the huge speakers outside the house. And the song choices were, shall we say, unconventional at times. Dancing in circles on pushto songs was fun. Singing along to Taher Shah’s Angel was even more so. Time flew by in the buzz of activity and we heard the announcement for lunch. Did we spend half the day already?

Lunch was an extravagant affair. Pairing delicious biryani with sumptuous chicken tikka and a drink was just the right remedy for our rumbling stomachs.

The evening turned mellower post-lunch. It was more conversational. Making sand-castles at the beach and skipping stones in the water may not be why one chooses to go to the beach but these are the moments that stay with us the most.

We left the beach tired and exhausted but full of new memories with the new friends we had made on the trip. We then reported to work on Monday with tanned and sun-burnt faces, all asking the same question, “When’s the next trip?”