What We Look For In Candidates

The best teams are ones that not just bring something unique to the table but also ones that work with impeccable synergy and commit to evolving constantly. If you’re looking for a dynamic environment for your professional and personal growth that does just that, you’ve come to the right place. 

Logicians are not simply part of our team because of their educational background or experience in the industry. While these factors are highly important for us when choosing team members, we also prioritize honesty, accountability, competitiveness and passion.

Who do we

Passionate, inspired, creative, solution-oriented, growth-focused, talented and curious individuals that are invested in learning.

Why do we hire
who we hire?

We want to build a team with can-do and self-starter attitudes, focused on integrity, re-learning, idea-generation and solution-orientedness.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

We are a team that’s purpose-driven. Join our team and learn to unlock the “trapped” and untapped value in the consumer-first digital space.

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What Are Logicians Like?

At Logicose, we prioritize constant learning, growth and development. Curiosity, problem-solving, integrity and a self-starter, positive and proactive attitude are all part of the core competencies of Logicians.

Do You Share These Values?

Logicians are engaged in healthy competition and have an edge over others in the industry. They show remarkable decision-making skills and have a passion they enjoy outside of work.

Having integrity and a positive mindset are highly valued skills for our teams, and maturity while handling challenging situations is a clear indicator of good performance at Logicose.

At Logicose, we believe the best teams are ones that operate transparently while maintaining accountability at all levels. For this reason, we maintain a quantifiable, transparent and performance-based appraisal system to evaluate all our team members.

Our teams focus targeted efforts on improvement areas, while polishing their strengths. All in all, a successful candidate at Logicose is one who can introspect and take regular feedback in stride and apply it to exhibit quantifiable improvement. 

The opportunities to learn are endless!

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