Our Culture Is Our Biggest Asset

Logicose fuses the opportunities of a global IT company with the entrepreneurial drive of a startup. We know that intelligent ideas need to be worked on and polished before they can be fully realized. They mature and take shape when an entire team pitches in to arrive at solutions, products, and services that can be dubbed industry-leading.

At Logicose, we’re extremely proud of the stimulating and professional social system we’ve created that allows hard-working teams to deliver stellar solutions in the most effective ways possible. At the same time, we promote and award their exceptional performance.

When you work at Logicose, you enter the office every day knowing that you’re part of an organization that puts people first. You get to work with like-minded professionals who excel at their job, love the work they do, and offer support and guidance to all their colleagues. All of this enables the exceptional synergism that has defined us for more than a decade.

When you come to work for Logicose, you can expect:

A Professional Environment

At Logicose, every team member of every team has a voice that’s valued. We believe that this is the only way to guarantee our continued success. But perhaps the best thing about Logicose is that over 80% of job roles here are quantifiable. This results in transparent performance evaluations that are void of any biases.

What’s more, we sustain a working atmosphere that promotes mutual respect and civil and good-natured relationships among team members, ensuring that it’s free from all forms of harassment and hostility.

An Engaged & Empowered Workforce

Our managers and team leaders set goals, appropriate resources, and delegate authority, giving team members all the trust and resources they need to do their jobs better and faster. This also fosters their talent and aptitude. The result is a highly developed, motivated, and devoted team that’s committed to providing the absolute best IT and digital marketing solutions and services.

As a growth-oriented organization, we set high goals for everyone across the board. Expertise, professionalism, dependability, and other factors matter—but none more than your performance. We encourage everyone at Logicose to continue improving and growing, professionally as well as personally.

Diversity, Equality, & Inclusion

Every team member at Logicose gets to participate in building a great future for themselves and for the company, along with opportunities to fulfill their potential. We believe in bringing together people of distinct talents, qualifications, viewpoints, and backgrounds to help build the best teams possible. At Logicose, we believe that there’s immense strength in diversity.

Events & Outings

All work, no play? No way! Twice a year, Logicians venture out on a fun-filled outing. These bi-annual events are truly memorable because the entire team gets to know their coworkers a little bit better and enjoy activities together as one big family.

A Feedback System That Works

We ensure that every team member has the ability to make workplace suggestions and proactively and effectively integrate them using our valued feedback system. The Logicose Feedback System not only leads to a better bottom line for us, but also helps ensure better quality of life and more professional satisfaction for team members.

Transparent Workplace Policies Detailed In Our Employee Handbook

We take our responsibility of providing a safe and healthy workplace for our team members very seriously. We have set and enforced standards that assure the safety and health of every single person at our offices. All these policies are clearly outlined in our Employee Handbook. This handbook is a reflection of our business and everything that Logicose stands for.