More Than Just Perks.
Work At A Company That Cares.

We go beyond just encouraging a healthy work-life balance; instead, we enrich both.

When you work here, you enter the office every day knowing that you’re part of an organization that puts people first.

We’re willing to give you a platform so you’re poised for lifelong success—but are you ready to unlock your true potential?

Here are a few of the benefits we provide:

Supercharged Career Growth

The work you put in at Logicose has a direct impact on how far you get here—no exceptions.
  • Industry Leading Salary Packages

    Industry Leading Salary Packages

    We’re more than market competitive. And we don’t stop there! Work hard, and you can triple your salary package in just two years!

  • Bi-Annual Appraisals

    Bi-Annual Appraisals

    Our fair and transparent appraisals are determined solely by capability, commitment, and hard work. They’re void of bias.

  • Performance-Based Promotions

    Performance-Based Promotions

    There’s just one rule to making it to the top—work hard. If you’re good at what you do, you’ll get ahead here.

  • Clear Performance Feedback

    Clear Performance Feedback

    We don’t leave you hanging; every employee has clearly demarcated performance goals and quarterly feedback meetings that assess them.

  • Training Programs

    Training Programs

    Learn from professionals who will enrich your skillset, deepening your ability to become an industry leader.

A Bevy of Benefits

Our benefits are focused on setting you up for comfort—both in the short and long-term.
  • Company Maintained Car

    Company Maintained Car

    Team members who get the job done also get to go around in a company-maintained car. As you grow here, so does the size of your vehicle.

  • Provident Fund

    Provident Fund

    In addition to above-market pay, we help every team member set up their financial future with a Provident Fund, as well as Employees Old-Age Benefits (EOBI) plans.

  • Need-Based Loans

    Need-Based Loans

    Our employees are always taken care of; so, if you need us to step in when the going gets tough, we have your back.

Play As Hard As You Work

Everyone needs time to unwind. At Logicose, you don’t even need to leave work to recharge!
  • Billiard Table

    Billiard Table

    You can take as many breaks as you take break shots. Unless you’re a little rusty.

  • Table Tennis

    Table Tennis

    The top spin will leave you dizzy after you play even one match with our team.

A Focus on Wellbeing

Desk work doesn’t have to be detrimental to your wellbeing. Nor should you
have to worry about bills when you’ve been hurt.
  • Fitness Center

    Fitness Center

    Get your daily exercise in with our comprehensive set of cardio and strength training equipment.

  • Emergency Medical Services and Hospitalization

    Emergency Medical Services and Hospitalization

    If you were in an accident or need to undergo an emergency procedure, we’ll cover the procedure and the hospitalization costs.

  • Sick Leaves

    Sick Leaves

    On top of our emergency medical coverage, team members also get sick leaves that they can use throughout the year.

An Employee-Centric Environment

We know you do your best work when you feel taken care of. That’s why we have tons of perks that make working here a breath of fresh air.
  • Casual and Annual Leaves

    Casual and Annual Leaves

    You deserve to go on that annual vacation you’ve been planning. And when you work here, you’ll have ample time to sit back and relax when you do.

  • Two Cafes

    Two Cafes

    There’s one for every floor we operate on, so no unnecessary walking on a particularly long workday.

  • Team Events

    Team Events

    Twice a year, we take the whole team out on a day of fun-filled activities and adventure.

  • Three and Five-Year Awards

    Three and Five-Year Awards

    We like to invest in the employees who invest in us; that’s why you get cool swag on your three- and five-year anniversaries.

  • Team Lunches

    Team Lunches

    Every month, the top performers in each department get to go to the fanciest place they can find.

  • 3-Month Maternity Leave

    3-Month Maternity Leave

    We get this is one of the toughest jobs in the world. We give new mothers 90 days paid maternity leaves to heal, recuperate and care for their little one.

  • Pilgrimage Leave

    Pilgrimage Leave

    On top of sick, casual, and annual leaves, you can apply for leaves if you have religious obligations.

  • Flexible Timings

    Flexible Timings

    At Logicose, we take pride in flexible timings that range from morning, evening to night shifts. So, you get to determine when your shift starts!

  • Study Policy

    Study Policy

    Need to finish your degree while you work with us? We’ll work around your schedule so you can do both effectively.

  • Work From Home

    Work From Home

    On days when they need to, we’re flexible enough to allow team members to work from home (reasonably).

  • Free Tea, Coffee

    Free Tea, Coffee

    Water is essential yes, but in Pakistan, so is chai! That’s why it’s on us.

  • CAKES!


    Whether it’s 14th August or The New Year, you can expect a little something sweet from our side.

  • And We’re Not Stopping There! The Perks Keep on Getting Better Every Year.