Training &

At Logicose, we make strategic investments in our team’s skillset and are personally invested in them, thus fostering a collaborative, growth-oriented workplace.

Our leadership is committed to equipping every team member with the tools they need to succeed professionally, while providing them with a space where they feel stimulated.

  • Bootcamp Orientation For New Team Members

    This is where you get to know us better, learn the ropes, and get started on the road to unlocking your true potential.

  • Technical Department Training Sessions

    Whether you’re a seasoned SEO veteran or the new kid on the block, these rigorous, process-specific training sessions are geared to enable our team to keep up with everything from fundamental search algorithm changes to optimizing writing for best SEO practices.

  • Quarterly Feedback Meetings

    The growth mindset doesn’t end at bi-annual appraisal meetings here at Logicose.Our quarterly feedback meetings augment them with clear, long-term goals and feedback that drive team members.

  • Quarterly Soft Skills Coaching

    Sometimes, you need a fresh set of eyes to really get you going. Our quarterly soft skills coaching workshops are held by external partners who electrify the work culture, leading to better processes.

  • Weekly Project Review Meetings

    Touching base on the week’s projects keeps things in perspective, allowing us to maintain our industry-leading quality control cycle and manage upcoming work cycles with ease.

  • Monthly Leadership Meetings

    Every department has tailored solutions for the unique set of problems they face. But when the leadership comes together, we often come up with across-the-board interventions that make Logicose better for everyone.

  • Monthly Department Meetings

    We like to know that everyone’s on the same page—from the sales wizards to the content production experts. Our monthly department meetings iron out any kinks in the system and analyze the work done on already completed projects.

  • Brainstorming And Strategy Development

    The most complex SEO projects require the best minds to come together. Whenever we get an expansive or complex order, multiple executives—or even the whole team—will hammer away at it till we arrive at the best solution.