We put our people first. And doing so has enabled us to cultivate a community-centric environment, which fosters compassion and empathy for and within our team members.

Whether it’s through fun-filled activities or celebration of achievements, Logicose focuses on providing team members with physical & mental comfort. And this mindset is reflected in our mission, values and policies.

Here are 7 ways we create a people-first culture:

Chai’s on Us

We all need chai to keep us going. That’s why it’s on us.


Cakes for Days

We rejoice our team members’ achievements with a celebratory cake.


Reading Value

Our core value # 1 is to Focus on Improving Yourself. We believe in focused learning & development. That’s why we provide facilities that enable the personal & professional growth of our team members.


Billiard Table

We hustle when it’s time to work. But we encourage breaks – especially ones that help members recharge & enjoy their time at work.

Team Lunches

Monthly lunches give members the perfect opportunity to foster deeper connections with their teams. And they get to eat at the fanciest places for free.


Maternity Leaves

We support working moms in all the ways we can; our maternity leave policy is just the tip of the iceberg.

We give new mothers 4 months of paid maternity leave, and an additional 2 months of half-day flexibility (with full pay) to heal and care for their little one.



Pilgrimage Leaves

Team members who’ve been with us for some time can apply for a 10-day leave to fulfil their religious obligations.



To Sum Up

Professionalism, integrity and ethics are the foundations of our hiring process – because we build teams where members help each other grow. Moreover, as an equal opportunity employer, we ensure that diverse perspectives are heard, valued and respected.

In turn, this allows us to create a work environment where we can all feel safe, relax and enjoy our time working together.