Brand Manager

Job Description

The ABM will be responsible for developing brand strategies, promoting brand growth and expansion, implementing brand plans, and using a variety of data to drive traffic, volume, conversions and profitability. In essence, the ABM’s duties are focused on achieving brand business objectives in the short and long term.

Working closely with Brand Managers and Senior Brand Managers, the ABM shall ensure effective and timely execution of the aforementioned duties; some of which will be performed with team coordination, while others will be performed individually.

Brand Management at Logicose

The ABM will be responsible for executing the following tasks that will help the company come closer to its overall brand objectives:

Brand Strategy

  • Develop quarterly, bi-annual and annual brand objectives.
  • Develop brand guidelines (design, positioning and messaging).
  • Craft strategies for new and existing digital products/services.
  • Suggest improvements in the brand’s content and communication strategies.

Content Plan Development

  • Website Copy
  • Blog Content
  • Email Newsletter Copy
  • Youtube Video Scripts
  • Social Media Content


  • Organic Research (Keywords, rankings, volumes etc)
  • Competitor Research & Analysis
  • Niche/Topic Research
  • Business Intelligence


  • Design Team
  • Development Team
  • Writing Team
  • Video Animation Team
  • SEO Team
  • Paid Marketing Team