Earth Day is the time to celebrate our home, our habitat, our planet. But along with celebrating this day, let’s make a commitment to tackle climate change & protect the earth for a sustainable tomorrow.

Did You Know? 

Global warming & the degradation of the planet is cause for alarm. It’s the only home we’ve got – and it’s melting.

Wasting water, energy, and using non-recyclable materials such as plastic damages the earth.

  • Energy accounts for around 60% of total global greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Running taps waste as much as 6x of water per minute.
  • 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute, while up to 5 trillion plastic bags are used globally every year – most of which end up in the ocean.



Make a Pledge this Earth Day

Every small action counts – if many people do it at once. So this Earth Day, let’s make a pledge for a sustainable future.

Let’s pledge to conserve electricity.

Let’s pledge to save water.

Let’s pledge to minimize the use of plastic.

Earth is the only home we have. Let’s protect it today for a safer future tomorrow.