Women are creatives, coders, problem-solvers. And they bring knowledge and skills to every role they perform.

At Logicose, we believe diverse perspectives pave way for stronger, connected communities. As a result, we encourage equal participation for all irrespective of gender, race, sexuality and religion.

Encouraging Female Leadership

Many Logician leaders are women. This is because we value individuals’ work ethic & commitment to improve themselves above anything else.

Being dedicated leaders, women at Logicose deliver added value for their team members and clients. Their participation also fosters an open & collaborative work environment.

Creating a Safe Space for Women

Professionalism, integrity, ethics and mutual respect form the foundations of our hiring process. We ensure that the team members we onboard maintain the decorum and values we embody.

Moreover, to create an even safer environment, we encourage work from independent work stations. And we specifically arrange safe parking spaces for women, especially at night.

We also provide comprehensive maternity support to new mothers. We give them 4 months paid maternity leave with 2 additional months of half day flexibility (with full pay) to heal, recuperate and care for their little one.


Logicose Women at Work

Logicose women break the bias, which prevents women from reaching the top despite their talent & hard work, every single day. And as an equal opportunity provider, we create a space that is inclusive of all, and encourages all team members to unlock their true potential.

Here’s to the superwomen at Logicose; may they continue to shine bright – at the workplace & beyond!