A lot of people ask me why I took up a career based on writing and marketing when I majored in something far too different. With an engineering degree and technical background, I had to endure raised eyebrows and skeptical looks wherever I went.

Maybe I couldn’t find a job in the industry. Maybe I wasn’t able to compete with my fellow classmates. Maybe I wasted my degree and stole the opportunity from somebody more deserving. Maybe.
hacker-with-laptopWell, I am not going to lie here. The comments were surely off-putting and demotivating, but I instantly forgot everything as soon I joined Logicose. I am not exaggerating, but once you discover a job that you enjoy with all your heart, everything else gets tuned out. I am not being paid to write this as a marketing gimmick (trust me, this is really coming from the heart :P), but I have loved every second working at Logicose because of one key element. It’s who I am. It’s not just a job that I just have to do every day, but it’s more like an opportunity that gives me a chance to LOVE what I do!

Self Discovery is the First Step to Greatness

Ever since I wrote my first word here, the reason why I never really enjoyed my four years of engineering clicked. Surely, it was a great experience and my university life rocked, but I was never able to shine and excel like I wanted to. Blame the system, lack of career counseling or just social pressure, but a lot of us end up choosing the wrong field which literally restricts our ability to perform.

Enter a Creative Haven Where You Can Make a Bang With Your Words!

A writing and marketing career at Logicose is far different from what you anticipate at first glance. A lot of people regard ‘copywriting’ as something boring or plain ordinary. But here at Logicose, the definition of write-ups takes a whole new meaning.

Yes, you don’t need to spend hours poring over boring dissertations or academic papers. Logicose believes in building a creative and innovative profile, which not only lets you explore different marketing genres but discover endless branding opportunities around the world. You interact with various clients from diverse industries around the globe, design marketing and branding strategies for them, think up taglines and slogans for their portfolios and work on promotional campaigns and much more. Heaven for the artsy mind, this is one career that lets you do something new, unique and fun on every single project!writer-job-shows-hire-writers-and-occupation

The Copywriting Industry Is Growing… And There Is No Looking Back.

Gone are the days when the word copywriting was associated to print publications alone. The web world is expanding at a tremendous speed with each passing minute, bringing with it a boom in the marketing and web copywriting industry. The need for aspiring writers, thinkers and innovators is at fierce high at the moment, so now would be the right time to join in!

A Job is More than Just Money

So, all you creative souls out there… Do you think your mind runs on a different frequency than others? Are you looking for a career where you can hone your talent, reach out to the world and portray your true inner self? Well then, Logicose is the place for you!

I cannot emphasize the truth of this statement enough. No matter how much you’re getting paid, at the end of the day it is all about whether or not you are satisfied and content with the job that you are doing. If you have the passion to go past the conventional, are willing to break the clichés of traditional 9-5 jobs, and are inspired to learn something new every day, everything else eventually takes a backseat.

Identify your Potential today, because you deserve to Shine!