Today is a day that is, for many, even more significant than the 14th of August. We made Pakistan a reality on Independence Day, but it was on the 23rd of March that our revolutionary leaders shared the dream with us – and a new era was ushered.

As we spend the day enjoying the parades and witnessing the acts of patriotism on display, let us not forget what the dream was.

The dream the Quaid shared with us was one that involved progress – it was a dream in which our women were empowered and every citizen (including minorities) had equal rights. It was a dream so beautiful that millions of people came together and fought for freedom in hopes of realizing the dream.

Pakistan Day is not just a day during which we should celebrate history – it is also a day when we need to assess how close we are to achieving this dream. We have made great strides in our short history as a nation, but there is still a lot of work ahead of us. We mustn’t waste our energy criticizing what we can’t control. Instead, we need to focus on what we can do as individuals.

We can’t expect Pakistan to change overnight, so let us start by changing our own actions for the better. Let’s focus on creating a better Pakistan by becoming better Pakistanis.

We will create a better Pakistan – one Pakistani at a time.

Change Must Come From Within

Ever paid a bribe at the passport office to skip all the queues and get done quicker? Or at another government office? Most of us have.

Ever eaten at a restaurant that doesn’t pay the government of Pakistan any sales tax? Almost all of us have!

Majority of us give in to the problem when we’re put in such a situation. We don’t think about it because such immorality has become the norm, but most of us are better than that.

We all dislike such elements of our society. But we don’t do anything to stop it from happening. Stop not doing anything. Next time you’re in such a situation, take a stand and say “No”.

A firm stance is needed.

Sure we may have to spend a few more hours waiting at the passport office, but if it results in a better Pakistan, then we should gladly wait.

Never Pay A Bribe Again

We all hate the fact that police-walahs are corrupt, yet we have no problem giving them a couple of hundred rupees whenever they stop our bike or car.

Do you know the solution to this problem?

It’s simple. Start carrying your papers.

Just remember to keep your driver’s license and documents related to your car with you and you will never need to pay a bribe on the side of a road again. Don’t stop there. Get your documents in order and never pay a bribe again, to the police or anyone.

Sponsor A Child’s Education

child-educationLet’s talk about some real change that will last a lifetime. Do you know how much it costs to sponsor a child’s education through TCF, one of the highest quality charitable education providers? Rs. 1,250 per month. You can pay for a whole month’s education for a child for less than what a steak costs!

Give back what you can to help create an educated, prosperous Pakistan. There are several noteworthy non-profit organizations that are improving our nation. Support a cause you like.

Don’t let financial obligations stop you from giving back. Organizations of the sort are always looking for volunteers. Your time might be more valuable than money.

Travel To Get To Know Pakistan

If you live in a big city, you live in a big bubble. You need to know Pakistan in order to help Pakistan.

Pakistan’s roots lie in its rural areas. Once you see the beauty of the many cultures that are here, you will know there is a Pakistan beyond the corrupt urban environment we are used to. 62% of our population lives in rural areas.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get to know them and see how they can be helped?

Support Local Businesses

One great change we have witnessed over the last decade is that local brands have finally begun to give international brands a run for their money! If you are going to spend your money, try to spend it so it stays in the country and helps local businesses thrive.

Instead of Burger King, choose Burger Lab, Oh My Grill, Burger-o-Clock, or any of the numerous local burger chains. Instead of buying a pack of Lays, buy a pack of Oye Hoye.

Local businesses create jobs. This in turn results in reduced crime on the streets because more people are at work. They also pay taxes, so the government is able to spend more money on roads and infrastructure. Plus, it encourages other entrepreneurs to start different kinds of businesses.

What It All Comes Down To

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. That is why people choose or accept corruption, bribery, and lawlessness.

all-comesThis 23rd of March, believe in yourself and your ability to be a part of the solution. The only way we can make this nation stronger is if we all pitch in, and that revolution begins when we have enough individuals going in the right direction.

Logicose represents the future of Pakistan. Most of our team is young; the people working for us today will go on to form the future culture of Pakistan.

The culture in our team is very different from what we see on the news. Our teams are inclusive, they’re tolerant of opposing views, and they judge people on the basis of their personality and ethics instead of social, economic, or linguistic background.

This Pakistan Day, we celebrate and reflect with the hope that when our children watch the news, they see news of inclusiveness and peace instead of news of violence and bigotry. Pakistan Zindabad!