So, you come across a blog post on the internet and no matter how hard you try, you are unable to relate to the story.

Every word you read makes you more disconnected to the writer’s idea and you end up leaving the page.

This happens when a writer is only trying to sell their idea without engaging the reader.

The solution, you ask? One word – Metaphors.

Using metaphors in your writing makes it interesting because you give your readers a chance to think creatively.

You engage the right side of their brain, which is the side where all the creative ideas cook up.

By simply putting your ideas in motion, you will add life to your content and give your readers something interesting to read. If you put these efforts into your writing, they will never go by the board.

Whenever you upload a new blog post on your site, you hope that thousands of readers will read it. But what you look forward to the most is the appreciation you get from your readers. And when that doesn’t happen, you are left high and dry.

Shake a leg and try your hand at metaphors.

Once you start making use of metaphors in your content writing, you will get to know the ropes.

Metaphors are phrases that compare a situation using interesting analogies. They act as visual elements in your writing. When a reader reads copy that contains metaphors, they find an element of fun in the write-up and are much more engaged.

Let’s see the difference!

Which one appeals to you more?

Shoot for the moon OR aim for a good raise?

Plain sailing OR effortless progress?

Cold feet OR nervous?

Metaphors clearly have more emotions and depth to them than mere words that explain a situation or a feeling. With the use of metaphors, one is able to give meaning to their sentences and make their ideas pop.


Our brain loves a spark of creativity

Our brain loves to find recognizable things. When we are in a new place, our brain instantly recognizes things that are already saved in our memory.

Whether you find someone from work in public or see a restaurant from your hometown in a new place, your mind instantly puts all your attention to that familiar object.

That’s exactly how readers’ attention is drawn towards content that contains familiar metaphors.

Their brain instantly scans and connects with the metaphors or idioms, which makes reading fun.

Take a look at this link and see how the art and purpose of writing is defined perfectly with the use of metaphors.

When you can’t explain it in words, insert a metaphor!

Sometimes you fall short of words to explain a concept. But the whole thing becomes super smooth with metaphors.

If you were to explain someone’s bad decision and the extent of it, you will need to throw in a lot of words to get the idea across.

However, if you simply write on a slippery slope, you will make instant sense without the added word count.

Makes sense?

Using metaphors is better than using simple words. Metaphors define a situation in a completely unique and unrelated way, which is exactly what makes them super interesting to read.

In a nutshell, metaphors really make a story or idea sell.

So, put your creativity to work and throw in some relevant metaphors into your writing to see the magic unfold.

FYI, I used a handful of metaphors in this blog. Were you able to spot them all?

Watch this fun video on metaphors and similes to get a good grab of the concept!

And while you are at it, go through this video of how metaphors are commonly used in songs.