Gone are the days when a product alone could make or break a brand. Today, storytelling lies at the heart of a business’s success.

It’s the backbone that guides an organization’s online presence, and all its marketing communication. But what makes a compelling story?

Logicose Center Stage

We sat down with Diane Desouza – Vice President SEO Content Production – and Aaishah Siddiqui – Senior Manager Corporate Communications – to talk about the art of storytelling, and the purpose it serves in building an online presence.

In this session, we dove deep into the mechanics of content production, and crafting a copy for customers who aren’t just thirsty for clutter-breaking content but also have a deep desire to be seen, felt and heard. Additionally, we addressed the following key questions:

  • How to identify the most critical element of the story you’re trying to tell?
  • Why is there a need for an H2Happroach for a B2B client?
  • How can you sell the experience before the product?

Stay tuned for more sessions to come.