Training and development is an integral part of life at Logicose. Our number 1 value, which drives the organization, is Focus on Improving Yourself. And what better way to improve oneself than through guided training sessions?

After Effects Workshop

Recently, our Promotional Media Team held a 5-hour workshop on After Effects. The topics included creating compositions, understanding the different animation settings, the concept of friction, gravity & inertia, and much more.

Session for Leadership Skills

But equally valuable to us are trainings geared towards building soft skills. Our Managers received a refresher session on why giving (and taking) timely, honest and empathetic feedback is for team & business success. Based on the learnings from the best-selling book, Radical Candor by Kim Scott, the refresher highlighted an interesting take on organizational culture.

Looking Ahead

We hope to have more meaningful conversations going forward. For this reason, we’re preparing to host multiple training and development sessions so that our team members can strengthen their soft and hard skills.