We value our team members’ efforts and hard work, which is why most of our perks are geared towards meeting their needs. We also encourage a comfortable professional and personal life through our people-focused policies.

When the going gets tough, we want our team to be able to rely on us. For this reason, here are 5 key benefits that Logicose offers:

1. Industry-Leading Salary Packages

We offer competitive salary packages, but more than that: we give bi-annual appraisals. This way, you can expect rewarding salary bumps for your hard work.


2. Company-Maintained Car

We provide company-maintained cars to members with certain designations. The company carries out scheduled maintenance every 5000 KMs or 3 months.


3. Provident Fund & EOBI

Provident Fund

Team members contribute a small % of their basic salary to the Fund. We match your aggregate contributions to the Fund monthly. The lump sum amount of the Fund is given to members upon retirement.



EOBI is a compulsory social insurance, which extends the following benefits:

  • Old-Age Pension
  • Survivor’s Pension
  • Invalidity Pension
  • Old-Age Grant

4. Medical Insurance

We cover emergency procedures and hospitalization costs, through medical insurance of up to PKR 500,000, for self and spouse. So, when you need us, we’ll be there.


5. Need-Based Loans

We give loans and advance salary to our members in case of an emergency.


To Sum Up:

From our health-related & retirement benefits to work-life balance support, our perks and policies create a culture where team members feel supported and valued.